The Dutch Foursome and the Mystery of the Yacht’s Log
Auteur: Jolling Luinenburg Categorie: Engels Uitgever: America Star Books Publicatiejaar: 2015 Aantal bladzijde: 124 Pages Taal: Engels Afmeting: Formaat: Slappe kaft
Crystal, Karen, John, and Peter are the Dutch Foursome. One day Karen gets a letter from Arlene from Vlieland, who has become a friend of the four. In the letter, she invites her friends to join her on vacation in a summer cottage on Duinkersoord that is in Vlieland. However, she also writes about a mysterious yacht at the coast. She mentioned that the owner was missing. Where is the owner? Jolling Luinenburg (1960) wrote short stories as a child. At the age of fourteen, he wrote his first children’s book, which takes place in Vlieland. The writer spent his youth during the summer holidays on this island. This second work also takes place in Vlieland.
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