The Dutch Foursome And The Secret Of The Lutine
Auteur: Jolling Luinenburg Categorie: Engels Uitgever: America Star Books Publicatiejaar: 2014 Aantal bladzijde: 98 Pages Taal: Engels Afmeting: 216 x 140 mm Formaat: Slappe kaft

Crystal, Karen, John and Peter are The Dutch Foursome originally from Sneek. They are young detectives. Their first adventure takes place on the island of Vlieland. During an evening stroll on the beach in Camp Stortemelk, Karen sees a man on top of the coastal dune. What is he doing there? Does this have something to do with the sunken Lutine? Looks like our friends won t have a peaceful camping experience after all. At least, they will have a memorable one. While this is a story of fiction, the HMS Lutine was a real ship. It sank during a storm at Vlieland in the West Frisian Islands on 9 October 1799, whilst carrying a large shipment of gold. Jolling Luinenburg (born: 1960) wrote short stories as a child. At the age of fourteen, he wrote his first children s book set on Vlieland. Here, the writer spent his summer holidays during his youth. He graduated in 1989 and holds a Bachelor s Degree in German.”

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